Nona Caspers - Heavier Than Air

Read an excerpt from "This Isn’t What I Came to Say", recent winner of a Glimmer Train award.

The yellow horse was galloping across the blue. Not galloping, flying, its muscles shot-through with flight. The possibility—that's what the painter was after. The exuberance of the yellow, the defiance of a flying horse, the imagination hurling past reason. On that same wall was something else—a crucifix? Yes, there must have been a crucifix in that room, but not on that wall. Above the bed: a black crucifix with a white figure nailed to the wood; his mother would have put that there as well. I can see the folds of Jesus' skirt, his sorrowful European neck, the resigned, released posture. I can see the long slim fingers hanging over the edge of the wood, beautifully carved, translucent.
- Excerpt from Heavier than Air

“Darkly funny, compassionate, and unsentimental, these quiet stories offer memorable, rarely seen views of Midwestern life.” - Booklist

“Caspers’ pungent voice, her fairness to city and country mores, and the artful arrangement of her tales reward rereading.” - San Francisco Chronicle

“ the beauty of the prairie itself” - New York Times Book Review

Winner of Grace Paley Price in Short Fiction
Recipient of NEA Fellowship
New York Times Editor's Choice